tom weaver

never wake up
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2001-12-25 04:09:39 (UTC)

here i am

so here i am with this new diary thing. not sure what i
should write first... i guess this entry is simply so that
my name shows up on that nifty little list. anyway, my name
is tom weaver and i live in swampscott ma. nothing to
special about me, i guess im just doing this journal thing
because its the "cool thing to do." that and because my
girlfriend made one, i so i figure i should openly write
about her as well. kendra (thats her name) is the most
special person in the world for me right now, and will
always be a special person. special, way to go tom, thats
really clever. "special," can you be any more lame? yeah, i
probably could, but for now, special is all i can think
off... i mean, when you come accross a person like kendra,
there are only so many words that you can think of, and
usually they are vague.... some people are indescribable (i
think thats a word), so perhaps i should make up words and
then define them through her actions. that seems like a
plan. todays word for kendra: salgrass

deffinition of salgrass: one that makes you sit in your
room starring at the ceiling, projecting memories and
images, constantly forcing you to remember every movement,
every gesture, and every smile he or she has ever made.

well thats it, journal entry number one. done and done.