2001-12-25 03:38:42 (UTC)


Today was a very eventful day contrary to my intial
thoughts. I got up and helped my mom clean some stuff and
had breakfast. Then I wrapped some presents and went to the
store with Sean. Came home took a shower then wrapped more
presents. Then I was off to visit TJ's parents, he was not
there, but I didn't really want him to be. I went to see
his parents not him, it would have been weird if he were
there. So anyhow then I came home and wrapped more
presents then I had some dinner with the family. After
dinner I think I might have wrapped more presents but now I
forget. Anyhow later my neighbors grandkids came over and
visited so that was a nice break from the whole family
thing. Now we are watching the end of Rush Hour 2 and I'm
going to go to bed afterwards I think, I'm tired and Santa
is coming tomorrow. SO Merry Christmas.