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2001-12-25 02:53:03 (UTC)

xmas eve....

welpz today iz xmas eve, buh it doesnt even seem lyke xmas
at all...i mean, derez no snow...nuthin...im sho bummed
out...i was sooo lookin forward to goin snowboardin dis
winter wif mah new board and all, buh derez no friggin snow
dayumz!~ welpz, i hope it snowz soon..hopefully a snowstorm
for dayz and dayz...pukekeke, dats bad rah?
hehe...anywayz...umz, what else?~
i feel lyke so...um...empty...and so bai mah self...sniff
sniff....dats so sad..i knoz...i wish i had a boo..buh i
dun..and the onleee person i want to be mine doesnt care
bout me tha i way i care bout him and think bout him. dis
blowz mannn....mah wish iz dat he'll call me up on xmas
errr boxing day or sumfing lyke dat and jus say merry xmas
or sumfing lyke dat...cuz it would mean tha world to me if
he did. he neva eva callz anymore...and dat makes me so sad
inside..i wish he would jus call and talk to me...i miss
him so muchiez...

dis is tha only thing dat makez sense to me rah now...tha
only thing dat expresses how i feel...

*I don’t wanna cry a tear for you,…
so forgive me if I do…
id do anything I’d give you my world…
id wait forever to be your girl*

*Who do you turn too when the only who who can dry your
tears is the one who made you cry*

*Have you ever noticed that the worst way to miss someone
is when thay are right besides you and yet you cannot have

*I cry for the time that U were almost mine, I cry 4 the
memories I've left behind, I cry for the pain, the lost,
the old the new, I cry for the times I thought I had you*

*If the only way for me to be with u is in my dreams then
let me dream forever*

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