Jena's Rants
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2001-12-25 02:45:46 (UTC)

Christmas Attire: Straight Jacket Required

I am so easily influenced. I just realized this. I mean I
am not easily influenced by people's opinions, it's the
emotions that get to me. Especially sadness and violence.
If I watch a movie that has any of those aspects I
automatically take on that emotion, then it takes hours to
shake it. I wonder if that happens to everyone. I sound
like a friggin' fruitcake, but sometimes I am. I mean I
really fucking am. I guess I can't really be considered
crazy though, people who are really crazy don't know they
are crazy. I know that I have the tendency, and I am also
capable of synchronistically thinking in two different
frames of mind. That makes me either really interesting
and intelligent or really fucking twisted. Take your pick,
I swear to you that it will vary day to day. I don't
know, well Merry Fucking Commercialized Christmas bullshit
to all, and to all a good night!