What's up now?
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2001-12-25 02:23:04 (UTC)

hey kiddies!!!

So there isnt very much snow here, I'm KINDA depressed
about that.....and of course plans got all jacked up
tonight.,..but thats okay...thats how life is with Brian
and no biggie....I'll just do whatever....So
hmm....I still havent really been up to much....CHRISTMAS
IS TOMORROW!!! YIPPPEEE!!!! TOmorrow we're going to get
up, open presents as a family, then we're off to Detroit to
celebrate christmas with my dads family...that should be
nice....hopefully!!! Hmmm...I wonder what I'm getting from
Santa..hehe :) So tonight was BP night....its really just
NOT the same with out erin rachey and kinda
sucked actually.....but it WAS a good episode!!! Well
anyways I'm off to do some more of nothing while ai wait
for Brian....This night will NOT end up bad just because he
changed plans on us....IT WILL BE GOOD!!! Love you all :)

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