Life & Times of me
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2001-12-25 01:50:18 (UTC)

Christmas EVE 2001

What a fucking day this has been. Got up early, didnt want
to considering i couldn't sleep last night. Funny thing is
we were supposed to go with dad, he never showed. So I was
like fuck it, took my sisters to the shop and got there
hair cut. He finnally calls me at work and says that he
got caught in traffic, bullshit, then says to call him when
I get home. He never called. Then like an hour he called,
i was so pissed. Mom is goin psycho yet again, Riyad was
here trying to " Balance" the whole situation. Personally,
this is a family matter and he needs to leave, i'm trying
not to be disrespectful though. I'm so sick of my parents,
I'm sick of being in the middle of this fuckign divorce. I
cant wait to leave. And i'm not going to allow myself to
fell bad or take responsibility anymore, i'm not, this is
all on them. I hate the holidays, they only bring more
stress. I feel bad for the kids though, I mean i'm leaving
in a few months, they are stuck here, hopefully it will
make them stronger.
On another note, I'm still confused about J. Like I
want him so bad. He seems so perfect for me. BUt as it
always works out in my life, what I want so bad is truely
what I dont need. I mean he confuses me, the way he acts
sometimes. Does he seriously like me as a friend or what?
My insecurity comes in, does he hate me, am i beeing
annoying..is he just trying to be nice. Dude, I dont know
anymore. I just need some sort of stable relationship in
my life right now, but really its prolly not healthy to
even have that. Who knows anymore. I"m gonna take it day
by day, thats all I can do.Right? In the mean time, I need
a piece of ass, seriously I do. LOL
Peace for the night, i'm gonna sit on my ass eat holiday
cookies and watch some good 'ol christmas shows!!!! Fun
Times right here.