Anne Fox
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2001-12-25 00:46:48 (UTC)

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

I got rocked by the quiet storm!
Thanks so much for the roses! I love you so much!
Hopefully, you me and john can meet up this summer in miami
or NC or somewhere-- but we would have way too much fun!
And i wouldnt be able to decide which one of you to get
Saturday was my birthday- the big 1-8. I smoked my first
legal cigarette, mmmm... good. I got some nice presents
also, but still, the roses really made my day.
On my birthday, i went with my family to the samba room
which really sucked- they were driving me nuts!
I have been drunk for the past week, and I did not feel to
well to start with!
Hell yeah! The Bucs won on Sunday!
I was puking egg nog during half time though... and that
night i went to estellas and drank three margaritas, which
was the third time id had margaritas in the past week!
Went to Lisas on Wednesday and it was truly nostalgiac,
hopefully i can hang out with her again this weekend so i
can get tighter with the florida crowd in case i end up in
Plus, I really want to start hanging out with Chris more! I
miss him so so so much- hes funnny as shit and he is
awesome to just lay around with and watch retarded movies,
drunk on natty light!
I have missed so many people in the past week- i miss my
ORC friends, my OB friends, and everyone ive ever been
friends with in my entire life! well, not really!
i just realized that i might even be a little sad and
scared to go off to school... no, not really...
so, ill write more tomorrow about all my lovely presents!
merry christmas!
love, anne

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