2001-12-24 23:34:28 (UTC)

Christmas Eve

This morning I went to the bank and mailed bills. I enjoyed
going into the post office and seeing our postmaster, Prince
Anderson, wearing his Santa hat and wishing everyone a Merry
Christmas! Everytime I see him I ask him about his
grandmother who is 93, lives on his uncle's farm in a little
town in Texas and *still quilts a little every day*.

There was a Christmas card from my Aunt Denyse. She
enclosed a little booklet written by a distant cousin,
Robert Serre, about his grandfather, Joseph Serre. Joseph
Serre was the brother of my great-grandmother, Saladine
Serre. It's in French but I know John will enjoy
deciphering it. She also enclosed a photograph of her cat,
Mystere, dressed for Christmas in a little bonnet. Ha! I
told John. It must be something genetic. I used to dress
my cats in little bonnets too. They looked so cute. They
hated it. From Mystere's expression in the photograph she
hates it too.

Later in the morning Louise came to bring all four boys to
see Lord of the Rings followed by pizza and soda at my
parents house. As this meant everyone was gone for several
hours I took the opportunity to wrap all the Christmas
presents. It took two hours. There were more than I
thought and I think several are missing. I'll ask John when
he comes home.

When the boys get home I'll have them help me move all the
boxes of extra ornaments to my bedroom and bring in more
firewood and then I'll give the living room a good
vacuuming. After dinner I'll make the orange juice and set
the table for Christmas breakfast.

Tonight John and I will drink eggnog laced with a bit of
brandy and munch on little mincemeat cookies while cuddling
and watching It's a Wonderful Life.