Randi Lynn

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2001-12-24 23:25:59 (UTC)

Happy Christmas Eve

okay, i wake up, shower, get ready for the christmas eve
party at my nanas. Got to the christmas eve party around 11
AM...Fun, fun. After awhile, we open Presents..Heh, I got
Makeup, And A..thing, that has like, a mirror, and small
plastic brush..and stuff. And I got some hair peices,
Jewlery, T-Shirt, small Teddy bear, and a Charlie Brown
Latch-Hook thing. =) Then, We all did "Arts and Crafts", I
made some cool things, Ornamets for the tree. =) then we
all went into the living room and sung..wel, tryed to sing
christmas carols. My Uncle, Brother, and Cousin Mooned the Camera.
Lol. It was gross. I closed my eyes. x.x Then we went home. Fun. Fun.
I get the idea from now on I have to act older than what I am..im
onyl 15. She expects me to grow up too fast. anyway, ill write more
on christmas.

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