Inside my mind
2001-12-24 23:18:59 (UTC)

Chillin' on X-mas Eve

Sup? Nmh j/c on Christmas eve. And it'a actually not that
boring today either. And that's just b/c there's a
totalhottie here!! LoL Dude I'm such a corn ball. I'm not
that excited 'bout tomorrow for some reason-n-I dunno y?
Maybe, b/c I have to go to my g-ma's n lemme tell ya that's
boring as hell. Damn is he hott. There's even a plus side
to it...he's got a twin.But what sux is he's too old for
me. But the 1 I like I think's cuter-n-sweeter to me ne
ways. LoL Aight I'm gonna ditch this b/4 I say a lil too
much just b/c of the fact that I know the person I'm
talking 'bout will end up seeing this. So peace out yal.