Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-12-24 22:00:04 (UTC)

*sighs happily*

This is nice. I like this. I spent the night at Erins
last night. I like it there. Its not home, its peaceful,
its fun. We went to the park somewhere in Orlando and it
was so pretty. I climbed a tree and did flips on a pole
and screamed really loud cuz i was scared and the dude that
was fishing looked at me like I was crazy. I was totally
me with Erin, totally, 100% me. I havent done that in so
long. I just went knutz. We skanked out in the driveway
and these people looked at us like we were knutz but it was
so much fun. I almost fell over lol. Cuz i tried to be
cool, and like, do this thing that dan does where you swing
your arms in a circle and skank and I almost fell. Lol.
It was cool though. And I got home and cleaned my room and
talked to my baby. I miss him so much. I love him beyond
words. Poor sickly huggles, and thanks for the e-card
marie! You rawk!!!! I love you all!