DayDream Believer
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2001-12-24 21:50:45 (UTC)

Best Chrismas gift!

Its Christmas eve nowm, I`cve just finished opneing all my
presents, it was great.

Today when I woke up I was in a bod mood. I`ll tell you why
in next entery. My mom was not that nice to me eather, so I
was a bit crapy. i Took my grand mother to the church - or
if you will call it, she followed me. I was the only one
who wanted to go so she said she`d go with me, and did. I
dont understand why, cause she is not religius and do not
understand the language.
I prayd for a sign for that Stian stil loves me, that
spending all this time thinking of him was not wased time.
I hoped for a present or something, when I got home
aftherawrds this evning I runed over to our mail box, but
there was nothing.
Oki, so maybe he dont care that much for me as I do for
him, suprise...

Then I got a merry christmas message on my phone from
Chris, cool. Im glad someone is thinking of me:-)
I started to send marry christmas messages also, but I
diddnt send anyone to Stian. But then I got one: Marry
Chridtmas, what are you doing?
Stian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it, so he
hadent forgot me compleatly, love it, love it.
We started a conversation sending each other messages, he
was wondering what I was doing to morrow and stuf like that.

So everything turned out okey on Christmas eve, well not
everythinh, but I`ll thell you more about it later.
Im gonna send him a message tomorrow I think, oh Im so
glad, happy happy. You guys must be thinking that I have
been drinking or something, but Im just happy!!!