I am a goddess
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2001-12-24 21:14:08 (UTC)


Thrown up 4 times today, soon to be 5. I've put on weight
after going down to 500 cals and stopping so i need to do
something about it. MIA and me have been friends in the
past and i've started visiting a lot more often. I wish i
didn't. Mia is horrible. But still its better than ana.
I've been called a fool because of my desperation to lose
weight and i've started a different diary on opendiary.com
which is better as there are circles and more support for
what i want to do than on this one. Granted there are girls
who are really sick, thinking they're fat at 96 pounds but
i'm not like that. I just want to lose a bit of weight. I
admit it is a bit irresponsible the way i'm doing it but it
works best for me. Don't criticise me. I'm sure there are
people out there who are in the same boat. I just a bit of
support and understanding. Not to be criticised for what
i'm doing.