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2001-04-09 05:08:28 (UTC)

my weekend

sheila and the kids came down this weekend. i really love
them all, but sammy really drives me crazy. he is so bad.
if she would put a little disipline, i'm sure he would not
be so bad. on a happy note: we took family pictures
saturday(april 7, 2001.) trevor actually did good. he took
a picture with megan and sammy. i think it had to do alot
with the lady who took the pictures, she was really good
with the kids. even though mom knows we took them, she has
yet to know what they look like. and she does not know
about the pictures of the grandkids.
date with melissa, josh, and his friend bombed out. josh
decided that i was to good for his friend. he didn't want
me to get hurt. i do appreciate that, but he should have
let me decided. so now i'm back at square one. single..

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