2001-12-24 19:45:32 (UTC)


It has been a while since I have written in this thing.I
have been grounded believe it or not.My dad is such a
jerk. He grounded me for rolling my eyes at him and
tapping a pen while he was talking to me. He said I was
grounded until our printer got fixed because it is broken
and he thinks I did it. Well...the other day, my god-
father's girlfriend, Kim, called someone to find out what
was wrong with it and we found out that our printer was
being recalled because of computer chip problems. So I
finally proved my dad wrong. I told him it wasn't my
A couple days ago my brother got hit by a car, but thank
god he is ok. He just broke his wrist and has some bumps
and scratches on his head. It is a really long story and I
don't really want to get into it. But I have to go now. I
will write again later. GOD BLESS and MERRY CHRISTMAS
EVERYONE!!!! ~bye~

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