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2001-12-24 19:18:28 (UTC)

Merry Christmas!!:)

well, im gonna have a wonderful Christmas!:( dont ask! i
knew this would happen, only me! now ill be so miserable...:
I didnt call Mike on Sunday, i figured just stay away, im
only causing myself more pain, he has a girlfriend and is
going to marry her, i have Cory and when he comes home
hopefully we will get married, so, thats the way that is.:)
i still hate myself for chasing someone who didnt love me
when all the time there was someone who was willing to love
me, i could be in heaven right now, but, i ruined that,
some other woman said the things i should have said, sad
isnt it???:(
i was wrapping presents lastnight, and i love wrapping,
but, i cant do it for long because it gets on my nerves,
the wrapping paper fights back and i get frustrated, so, if
i never see another piece of wrapping paper i will be
sooooo happy.LOL dont get me wrong i love Christmas, just
that darn wrapping paper.LOL

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