Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
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2001-12-24 19:17:17 (UTC)


hmmmm no ones ever gonna want to read this its not about
lies or sex or murder its just about my life
which well could be classified as a lie
nikki hmmm ive realized shes more than what i thought she
shes a great friend shouldve seen it earlier
hmmm how can i miss people when theyre there? dont i though
all the time? and hate and love at the same time if those
emotions really exist
god how can i be 15 it doesnt feel like it
it feels as if ive lived a thousand years
and as if i was born yesterday
maybe i have though
the memories of people remain in me im just an evolved
or am i
i feel so old and yet so young
so alive and yet so dead
hmmm petcharcun love? petcharcun life?
i wonder
i need to see a psychiatrist
id probably fuck him or her up though with my fuckin
whats the fuckin point of fuckin cussing i fuckin wonder
humans are so barbaric
we're terrible
look at us always hoping someone is worse off
watching sex searching for porn and violence
we're no better now than we were 1000 years ago
we still feed our people to the lions
just not in reality
we still enjoy watching them be torn apart
physically, emotionally
physically, emotionally why is it satisfing?
it isnt is it
otherwise why would we constantly crave for more.
neither is money and shit like that
we always crave for it
we crave for acceptance so we change ourselves
i fuckin conform dont i
or look like it
who am i
a fuckin teen whos troubled
or someone who's lived thousands of years
yet still hasnt found herself
and still searches for a soulmate
either way
its fucked

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