Whats ^ With Katie
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2001-12-24 19:11:12 (UTC)

Early Christmas for KT

Hey ull its Christmas eve DAY and I just finished
opening all my presents fun fun the reason I opened them
today instead of tommorow is because tomorow morning me and
my brother are takin a rode trip down or up (which ever) to
Belton to see mi familia.
But neways yah last night was sooooo much fun Chels
spent the night (like always :))and rashad and mark snuck
over at 1230 and we played video games (woo hoo and yah
Rashad u know i beat u) it was fun but they had to go home
Oh and mark where the hell is my cd u best give it back or
But im guna go hook up my new kick ass sterio sstem
so ttyl love u all

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