OhBaby It Is Me

2001-12-24 19:04:09 (UTC)



RobertLover411: Hey babe
GigglinAngelFla: YO
RobertLover411: How are ya?
GigglinAngelFla: good you?
RobertLover411: fine thanks
RobertLover411: Ready for Christmas?
GigglinAngelFla: kinda ya
GigglinAngelFla: u?
GigglinAngelFla: its not cold enough
RobertLover411: Have been for a while now
RobertLover411: There is no snow here YET
RobertLover411: It is suppose tp snow today and tonight
GigglinAngelFla: lolyou have to see who i found!
RobertLover411: who?
GigglinAngelFla: Arcadia Middle School
GigglinAngelFla: go there
RobertLover411: OMG
GigglinAngelFla: then when it loads up go down

RobertLover411: that is so awesome
GigglinAngelFla: lol
GigglinAngelFla: oh i thought that was so funny
RobertLover411: How did you ever think to go there
RobertLover411: ?
RobertLover411: Did you send him mail?
GigglinAngelFla: mrs shumway told me that he was a principle of a
middle school in greece
GigglinAngelFla: ya
GigglinAngelFla: he has 2 kids now, poor them (the kids)
RobertLover411: When did you tak to her?
RobertLover411: I know
GigglinAngelFla: when i was up there....hwo do you know?
RobertLover411: The poor kids i met
RobertLover411: ment
GigglinAngelFla: oh
GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: So you sent him mail?
GigglinAngelFla: ya
RobertLover411: Did he send you back?
GigglinAngelFla: ya
RobertLover411: AWESOME
RobertLover411: did he remember you?
GigglinAngelFla: of course
GigglinAngelFla: lol
GigglinAngelFla: i'm heathner
RobertLover411: Ha
RobertLover411: I'm gonna sent him one too
GigglinAngelFla: lol dont tell him i showed you the web site
GigglinAngelFla: let him think you found it on your own
GigglinAngelFla: lol
GigglinAngelFla: brb
RobertLover411: alright see if he rembers me
RobertLover411: k
GigglinAngelFla: ok back
RobertLover411: Ok
RobertLover411: so science was what 5 years ago?
GigglinAngelFla: like 3 or 4
RobertLover411: Well oh I'm thinking school years not real ones
GigglinAngelFla: just say 97-98
RobertLover411: Oh ok
GigglinAngelFla: you never gave me your senior pic
RobertLover411: I know
RobertLover411: I'll send you one
RobertLover411: I promise
RobertLover411: for real
GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: Thank you so much for that
GigglinAngelFla: hey i have a web site with the pics from cdga
RobertLover411: really?
GigglinAngelFla: Gigglin Angel Heather's Page
RobertLover411: no me?
GigglinAngelFla: ummm you came out kinda funny
GigglinAngelFla: you looked high
GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: Aww whats new
GigglinAngelFla: absolutly nothing
RobertLover411: Same Same
RobertLover411: You are the best you know that
GigglinAngelFla: why?
RobertLover411: B/c you just are
RobertLover411: Ya know what
GigglinAngelFla: what did i do?
GigglinAngelFla: what?
RobertLover411: I'm gonna make you a special X-mas present
RobertLover411: I'm gonna make you a shirt that has little pictures
of things that will remind us of crazy stuff we did together
GigglinAngelFla: lol
GigglinAngelFla: i g2g ttyl merry christmass
GigglinAngelFla: tell your mom i said hi
RobertLover411: Ok
RobertLover411: MC to you too
RobertLover411: love yo
GigglinAngelFla: u 2
RobertLover411: late
RobertLover411: r
RobertLover411: http://www.my-diary.org/read/?entry=61251
RobertLover411: go there
GigglinAngelFla: is that yours?
RobertLover411: yeah
GigglinAngelFla: ok i'll read it when i get i chance i g2g my mom
wants to get on
RobertLover411: ok love you all
RobertLover411: MC and HNY
GigglinAngelFla: same to you sweetheart
RobertLover411: bye bye
GigglinAngelFla: lol i guess she doesnt want to get on.....hey can
you send me that link again?
RobertLover411: sure
RobertLover411: http://www.my-diary.org/read/?read=11000
GigglinAngelFla: thank you....i wasnt sure if you had sent me a
specific one to read
RobertLover411: Nope, just the whole thing in general
GigglinAngelFla: lol you put our im in
RobertLover411: Yeah
RobertLover411: It's not like anyone reads it
RobertLover411: I mean
GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: Like 3 people do
RobertLover411: for real
GigglinAngelFla: you should put a hit thing on it
RobertLover411: huh?
GigglinAngelFla: ummm you should find something that keeps track of
how many ppl go on it
RobertLover411: And i would do that how?
GigglinAngelFla: i was going through the october ones i saw you never
said oh my friend heather is up here form ny
GigglinAngelFla: i have not a clue
GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: Hey, sometimes I froget the things that are trult
GigglinAngelFla: lol i'm joking
GigglinAngelFla: it doesnt matter
RobertLover411: I should have
RobertLover411: I'm sorry
GigglinAngelFla: oh i dont care
GigglinAngelFla: dont worry
RobertLover411: alright
RobertLover411: when did you come up again?
GigglinAngelFla: i think it was october 26
RobertLover411: oh
RobertLover411: after your b-day
GigglinAngelFla: yes! very good

GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: I'm smart
RobertLover411: weel i wouldn't go that far
GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: so there
GigglinAngelFla: hey does this make sense to you
RobertLover411: what
GigglinAngelFla: i tried sniffing coke, but i got ice cubes stick in
my nose
RobertLover411: Ha
RobertLover411: I get that
GigglinAngelFla: well my ex doesnt, retard
GigglinAngelFla: Brilliantlucas: it just doest make sense
GigglinAngelFla: shows how brilliant he is
RobertLover411: Well if i do and he doesn't then what does that say
about him
RobertLover411: Even I get it
GigglinAngelFla: lol
GigglinAngelFla: that was good
GigglinAngelFla: i'm literally laughing
RobertLover411: I knew you would be
GigglinAngelFla: oh i'm putting that on the web page!

RobertLover411: OMGi made it on the web page
GigglinAngelFla: your on the web page.....look at the shout outs

RobertLover411: k
RobertLover411: where?
GigglinAngelFla: its ok the top left
GigglinAngelFla: next to the pics

RobertLover411: alright
RobertLover411: Can't seem to find it
RobertLover411: Oh
RobertLover411: I did
GigglinAngelFla: lol
RobertLover411: I wans't paying attention
GigglinAngelFla: ur in pink
GigglinAngelFla: ummm thats not a first
RobertLover411: My favorite color
RobertLover411: HEY
GigglinAngelFla: aww, mine too!
GigglinAngelFla: your on my profile
RobertLover411: I am
RobertLover411: I can't look
GigglinAngelFla: ya but its on the real aol one
not aim
GigglinAngelFla: ya i know
RobertLover411: yeah that is why
RobertLover411: did you put what I said on here?
GigglinAngelFla: i havent yet it'll take too long
RobertLover411: Oh so I should look for it later
GigglinAngelFla: ummmm maybe couple days to a week
RobertLover411: Alright
RobertLover411: I think I'll have Chrissy help me make one
RobertLover411: then I can put some fun junk on like yours
GigglinAngelFla: you can go to yahoo or somethign and type in free
web sites and a list will come up....or geocities.com is free, last
time i knew
RobertLover411: Alright
GigglinAngelFla: ok well now i have to really go ttyl hun love ya
RobertLover411: I'll send you an e-mail once I get it up and running
RobertLover411: Ok
RobertLover411: Love ya too
GigglinAngelFla: ok hey whats your email address
RobertLover411: [email protected]
GigglinAngelFla signed off at 2:42:17 PM.

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