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A Glass of Bubbly to World-Domination
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2001-12-24 19:01:13 (UTC)

I haven't updated for forever

it's Christmas Eve and I'm going back to bed as soon as
the people I call family will let me. I watched tht South
Park Christmas episode last night between intervals of the
Thief and the Cobbler. It may have been something I was
watching but I dreamt all my dead cats came back like they
were alive, Darren, Nala and Brooks. I don't think Orangie
was there. I remember thinking "No, they're dead. This
can't be." My live ones, Georgia,Mookie and Calypso didn't
appear to trust them. It was outside on my front porch all
the cats were and the dead ones went in the house but the
live ones stayed out on the porch. I was going to follow
them inside but I looked at how Georgia was looking at me
and stayed out. I could feel that something, besides the
fact of the living dead, wasn't right. i heard human
screams and rushed in to find to the dead cats skinning
people, but they weren't cats now. they were demons. I
didn't understand at first since Darren and Brooks had
been perfectly loving in life but Nala was a dynama and
didn't get close to anybody, kinda mean but I respect that
in humans and animals alike. Nobody's boss of you. Well she
grew up in the street so I really can't blame her. I
figured it was demons in the guise of my pets to get in .
Maybe it was symbolic or I drank a little too much Sprite
before bed. Thats all fer now! I have the weirdiest dreams.

Mood: Pensive about said dream
Music: None.

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