Ode to a psycho!HA!
2001-12-24 18:33:47 (UTC)

New York

Well I am here! hmmmm.....Nick was kind of a bitch righgt
before I left, so I decided that for the next 8 days I am
single...WOO no. I have 1400 million
realitives and none of them have cute friends, and Last
night I was watching Boys and Girls on Cinemax, and I
caught myself wishing I was sitting there with him. But
other then that New Yorks not really that bad! I was
dreading comming here. I honestly didn't want to. Which was
weird because I always love comming here. I got here, and I
am one of the older kids the next oldest is 24, So I am
kind of treated as an adult. I walk in the door, and I had
like three people offer me a drink, alcoholic. It's pretty
awesome! It's like a nonstop party, and no one cares if I
get drunk! Tonight is Christmas eve and my uncle always
throws this massive party.. I am stoked! I might write
later , I am so depressed I really just need to be drunk.
and my cousin is trying to get some pot! I really want to
go to Canada so bad! i need to go to the duty free. The
best place to buy! no TAX! ON ANYTHING!!by the way abs I ve
been listening to your CD like non stop! It's awesome! when
are we exchanging??I haven't talked to brian in a while....
......i really do wish he would write. Abs you and I should
take a day and go on a picnic or something and go to the
fleamarket and 5 points! Mabey I'll call brian and you can
meet I am out I have to go put on
clothes and make myself...............presentable.