2001-12-24 17:59:58 (UTC)

Oops... I keep forgetting to write

I keep forgetting to write in my diary. Perhaps because I
usually only write when the muse moves me, or when I have a
particularly bad day... I haven't really had one of those
in a while. Or rather, I haven't had a particularly
horrible day that inspires me to write. So I haven't really
had anything to rant about... which is really what this is
an outlet for.

My friend Amy can be one of the most irritating people in
the world, but she can also be really fun. She's been one
of my friends since we were 9 years old, which means that
I've been friends with her almost half of my life. An odd
thought, really. She's faithful to the last, and is a
fairly simple person. As derogatory as it sounds, I tend to
think of her as this kind of annoying but cute dog. She's
also a royal pain in this ass. Especially when she's in a
bad mood. She gets depressed easily and then starts
complaining about EVERYTHING. And it drives me up the wall.
And she's started doing it more and more ever since we got
into high school. And now, since I only have one class with
her, I don't spend too much time with her anymore, so when
I do see her she uses that as an outlet time for her to
whine about how everything is going wrong in her life.
Which, as you can imagine, makes me want to spend even less
time with her. And then I feel guilty about not spending
time with her, but I still don't want to, so then I get mad
at her... ehhe, it's a vicious cycle. I don't really know
where I was going with that.... hmm.. oh well