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2001-12-24 17:50:03 (UTC)

Christmas Blues

I wish that everyone could feel like me and that our world
shared this same view. Christmas is the day we set aside
to reverance the birth of Christ isn't it? How did such an
awesome day become so expensive - filled with lots of pain
and misery for so many. How can it be awesome for those
who are well off and the saddest occassion for those who
have very little or nothing. What has society done? Has
propaganda and the media captured our minds so that they
may captivate our wallets?

When I talk about it, some people say people should prepare
they know it is coming up - well it is not always so easy.

With so many obligations, I just purchase gifts for my
children and my niece and nephew. It is still hard because
I still feel bad if I do not get my sister, brother-in-law
and parents gifts, then I can not go without getting my
husband a gift, but we should not feel obligated - this is
not what day is about. I feel like the grinch because I do
not get a Christmas tree - there is not Christmas tree in
the birth story of Christ. I rarely wrap gifts, I must
admit I love the way they look but just do not have it in
me - can not see the whole thing of buying this paper for
them to tear through something they picked out. I allow my
children to pick their gifts to make sure they are getting
exactly what they want - they are still in agony because
they know it is here but they can not see it anymore. I
would like to do the Santa thing and surprise and Christmas
tree and so much but it is such a lie and it is hard for me
to grow my children up the same way - my husband gets upset
because we had trees and all the trimmings and he said our
children should too then where does this madness stops if
not here.

I do not let them believe in Santa, believe in Jesus. As
for your gifts there are two people who leave here early
morning to make sure you will get gifts and Santa gets all
the credit. When you say thank you it should not be a
letter to Santa it should first go to our Lord and Savior
who is the reason for the season cliche but true, then to
the parents who have made this act of kindness possible.

I teach them that we give gifts because one day, God saw
fit to give us a gift, we never did or could deserve such a
gift but He loves us so much that He wanted us to have it.
Such a gift given out of love because of love. No Money
Was Involved - lots and lots of love though. So, we the
parents give you gifts not because you are always deserving
but because we love you, we do it as a expression of love.
We need to keep focus though this day is not for your gifts
but for the gift "Jesus Christ" If you do not get one gift
you have been given everything you will ever need and
hopefully want. Everything else is extra. Sometimes I
feel bad but I still feel right.

People are charging the credit cards to the max to get
everyone a gift, it takes a year to pay them off and then
it is here again, do we ever get out of debt to make sure
someone who has everything get the perfect gift. We have
been giving them the perfect gifts for years - they have so
much we are at a lost sometimes but there are little girls
who have never had their own Barbie or their own package of
underwear both bottoms and t-shirts. There are some little
boys who have never had their own little toy soldiers or
Indians and cowboys. Some mothers have never gotten a gift
for all they contribute to their children and if they are
doing a good job it is also for society. Why are we so
confused, why are we so backwards?

Why aren't we taking our money making baskets, bag of
groceries, toys for tots who have nothing? I am trying to
get out of this and I am still wrapped in this, I guess
because my children are feeling me but they still want...
so I am sort of involved whether I like it or not right
now, I know I can draw the line here and my children would
follow me because in their hearts they know or believe that
I am right but still a huge part of them want... so I am
not ready to severe all ties - to this mess.

I love Jesus, I am so glad we have this time to celebrate
His birth - but for many who have shopped for months will
not go to church if services are available. I want this
cycle, this all to stop so even if I feel alone, it starts
with me first. Only I can make a true different in my life
thus making a difference in someone else's.

We should have just called this day the Birth of Christ.
If this day started as a pagan holiday - it still makes so
much sense for us to recognize it - but for the life of me,
how did it get this way? I guess I would say - Oh, hum bug.

and Merry Christmas!!!