2001-12-24 17:33:53 (UTC)

fuck him and his mom!

well me and my guy dustin, the guy i just lost my virginity
to, are no longer together. i am so sad. i do love him alot
even though he said i did not show any emotion. our sex was
great. the first time i thought my eyes were going to stay
rolled back in my head. the second time was good, and the
third time is were it all went wrong. it was three weeks
after our first time and well his mom walked in on us. and
she told me to never come over agin and im so sad. dustin
is trying to, i guess, get over me. hes trying to get with
his ex and he's calling me up saying "help me out
courtney." i m crying on the inside while trying to tell
dustin what he can do. i love him so much and i guess he
dosent love me as much as i thought. i cried for a whole
week and going to school was awful. we dont talk anymore
and now i have no were to sit during lunch. God why does
his mom have to be a bitch like that? i mean my mom was
cool with the fact that i was having sex and i dont see why
his mom cant get over it. i mean if you found out your kid
was having sex, you would think that they loved each other.
why would you step in and not allow them to see one another?
I love dustin and he's the only guy i want to be with to
bad he dosent fell the same way anymore. i mean we used to
be glued together. we would always kiss each other bye and
hug. we would sit together and he would rug my leg while i
staired deep into his eyes and said in my head "this is the