Crazy Thoughts
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2001-12-24 16:49:35 (UTC)


lalala, i'm soooo bored, i just raced my cousin to see who
could do 1, 000 sit-ups the fastest, it was a kill, and we
were watching swordfish, but that's a gay movie. Then we
made cinnaon rolls, I got fatter than I already am, and
then went off and brushed my teeth for a half an hour
because i got one of those lil spin brush things because i
forgot my toothbrush i also forgot my thongs (which make up
60 percent of the underwear i have) and i had to go buy
some because i brought black pants....and yea...if you're a
girl you understand the problem. hyped up as
i am, i'm bored. my cousin is wrapping presents and i'm
talking to my best bud riss well one of my best buds and
making no sensse so maybe
.there we go, don't get toothpaste on the keyboard! haha
riss! damn i wish i was at home so we could go leave a nice
little present on sophie's doorstep (evil evil evil evil,
hahahahahahA) Shout outs to ADAMY aka anatomy, sammeri,
rissa roni, rachio my crak ho, and to everyone else, merry
christmas EVE!
lil p-i'll be okay in a bit

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