Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-24 16:48:35 (UTC)

Snow, evil relatives, anerexic sister?!

hey everyone
sup ? not much here ! My aunt and uncle came yesterday
they were the first to arrive of my dads side ! :) not ! I
love them and all don't get me wrong but they were being
total jerks to me yesterday! like ok we were eating dinner
and i took a roll and my uncle goes 'geez you are going to
end up weighing 300 lbs!' and i was sitting there
thinking 'thanks' and the whole time he and my aunt argued
with everything i said!! it was so anoying then my sister
is this skinny lil girl now ( i think she might be anerexic
(sp?) cause she doesn't eat!) but anyways my sister needed
a white tank and asked me if she could barrow one of mine
with the built in bra so i was like sure lets go get one !
and my aunt goes 'sylvia, marissa is to FAT , you can't
wear her shirts!' and she like screamed it and was like
serious! and i go 'what the hell are you talking about i
wear a medium in shirts! it will fit her just fine!' and my
aunt was like 'whatever! ' and i hate that word!!!!!! omg i
can't stand that word! well there was alot more grief from
my aunt and uncle but i am going to stop! but urg i was
like umm... thanks! but the part that is even weirder is
they are my god parents and they are so nice to my sis and
my brother and then they are like jerks to me! i don't
get it ! but oh well! my mom and dad keep yelling at my
sister cause i guess she is getting sick of cleaning ! and
so am i but my parents are like really yelling at her and
my dog is scared of all the people so he is like my lil
shadow!!!!! haha but I gotta blaze! So Merry Christmas
eve!!!! and to those of you who don't celebrate christmas,
happy holidays! :)!
love ya!
P.S: we have SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES haha Jordan and I were
talking yesterday about how it didn't feel like christmas
cause there was no snow and then we got off line and
then 30 mins later it started to snow! haha so Jordan
called me and was like 'look SNOW! you think this would
work for spanish midterm???' lol it was great !

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