2001-12-24 16:48:08 (UTC)

Nothing Good

I have nothing good to write about. It is Christmas eve
day. If that makes any sense. I'm talking to Chris from 5
Days Ahead ( An emo band from Philly, PA). He seems to
think the whole world is against him. He wants the best for
his band, but he is a dope about it. He talks out of his
ass and causes problems among the boys in the band. Then he
cries about it in all the songs. I wish I could kick him in
the ass and say, " Stand up you pathetic cry baby. You need
to stop whinning and moaning, and start moving and a
shaking. Foget about the past right now. Move on."
Geeze Luise! For a 23 year old, he is pretty annoying.