I hate my life
2001-04-09 04:18:42 (UTC)

Ok here s the deal. I have a..

Ok here's the deal. I have a new boy friend a new life. So
I am fine right now. He is the sweetest thing ever. He's
gonna stay at my house all next weekend for 4 days we hope.
I don't think I will do anything with him just for the
simple fact that I'm just not that easy to get into bed
with. It takes alot to get me in bed. But I might because
my feelings for him are so deep that I know I love him. At
least this time I got a condom not like that time with
Justin. God I wish I wouldn't of did the things I did. I
have mad alot of mistakes in my life and that was like the
worst one ever. I just wish I could take back everything
that I've ever done and become a virgin again. I think I am
going to bed I am getting tired. I'll write again tomarrow.

Kristy @~~{~~