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2001-12-24 14:43:10 (UTC)

this is the time to recover from that giant log she dragged up

Well, here it is, two day's later, still hurting from
fighting with that log and plus not to mention all the
booze we drank, seven bottles of STRAWBERRY HILL, no
telling how many 18 packs of beer,BUSCH and NATURAL LIGHT,
plus the twelve or so MGD's that our ten year friend drank
with us, we were all feeling no pain[at the time] but our
friend was strong enough to get it in the campfire,I bet
it's still burning as I type this, I bet she's sore as all
hell, the center on that beast was 34 inches across after
she cut it in half at the fork in the knot, but we managed
to get it done. now I've gotta get my dog bit dog in,see ya'