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2001-12-24 14:06:23 (UTC)

bah hambug

no not really, but this Christmas doesn't feel like
Christmas. i demand a refund. Christmas means cold.
Christmas means warmth despite the cold. and i'm not
feeling either. it snuck up on me entirely, and if a
surprise holiday doesn't make you feel aged, i don't know
what does.

i never wanted the holiday season to slip by without
recognition to the fullest. but here it is barely noticed
for the lack of gift shopping i've gotten done. clearly
it's necessary to reassess my life once again just in time
for that other beloved holiday, new year's. you remember
that one? the one with the drinking, with the mistloe
madness, with the promise of a new life, with resolutions
that are all broken by midnight, and again before the next

ahh.. gotta love it.

this year, things change.. *promise*

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