Kairo's Korner
2001-12-24 13:46:17 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Luke and I are..

Dear Diary,

Luke and I are doing good this weekend... we had a big
blowout the other day but for the most part we are getting
along much better.... I said i was going to write to you
everyday but things have been busy. Jules is gone to
Florida with my parents and I miss him so much... I talked
to him on the phone this morning, he just laughed and
babbled in his baby talk... Tommorrow is christmas and I
have been so broke that I have not bought one gift. When
Jules gets back I am going to buy him some clothes,
hopefully I will have some money... I am so tired of not
having money... this will all change when Luke is working
full time again... this recession is really putting a
strain on us...

I passed my state exam for my EMT license. I am now a
state certified emergency medical technician.

Peace Love and Soul