Marco Jacksonovic

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2001-12-24 13:43:28 (UTC)

Marco's Christmas Rant. Ignore If You Want.

Well, here we are again, here we go again, here it comes
again. 365 days can't affect my opinion of this most
commercial of religious escapades. For all the magic,
mystery and joy of Yule, is an equal amount of tackiness,
trash and greed.

This isn't just from people, from companies, from children,
but the world (or at least that part I can see) as a whole.
Come December 1st, everybody wants more, more, more, where
before during the year they have settled for same, same,

My view was re-inforced by an episode of Brookside last
week, the first piece of television in a long time that has
had me holding a tissue to my eye saying 'Aaah!'.
It went a little like this....

Mike (normal scouse bloke, sound) and Rachel (very buxom
mother-of-one) were sitting around after Mike's sister
Jacqui (blonde, 30-ish, I find her way too attractive - its
the voice!) had screwed them over in some way or another.
Mike sat down, sighed and suggested that they use all their
spare money to get a bottle of wine and a nice meal that
night, rather than splashing well out on Christmas.

The gesture quite got to me, as you read, and, well, that's
exactly what I mean. That is brilliant, and is the sort of
thing that should happen, not just in the festive season.
Nice people doing nice things for each other.

Nice concept? I think so.

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