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2001-12-24 13:14:07 (UTC)

23-24 December 2001, Sunday and Monday

23 December 2001, Sunday

A very boring day, stayed at home, I missed her a
lot....chatted on the line for quite a while hoping to find
someone that could turned out to be another Ah_Cin Fairy
Tales. Well I have no luck of cos.

SMS greetings to her 3 - 4 times and was hoping she could
return at least once but well she never. I was very sad.

24 December 2001, Moday

She came to me to consult about the Christmas celebration
we are to have in our office in the morning, she was
smiling and I was really very happy to see her smile again.
She looks beautiful and gorgeous. I sms her all Christmas
greetings I received hoping to receive her reply but none
she did. Of cos I am very disappointed and sad.

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