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2001-12-24 11:30:32 (UTC)


raw is..

thats all.. no thorethought

i sit here christmas eve .. i smell.. i have been in bed
since saturday 2:30pm.. honestly not a dentist in sight..

i woke this morning (monday) well thats a lie..i have been
almost awake for the whole a sort of limbo..

well.. this 9:33 or thereabouts.. i heard what
i quickly assumed was the cat from 2 houses up.. and our
resident cat fighting.. a catfight.. only it was in my
flatmates room.. so i jumped out of bed forgetting my
illness... and nearly fainted.. i say nearly head spun
my feet had instant pins and needles.. i sat.. counted to
5 ..

thought through what had to be done.. jeans on.. sweatshirt
on..bang into his room.. there on the floor are 2 cats
locked into each other ferventley removing each others
stomach fur with their hind claws.. it smells of piss..
(not normal) i retire to the bathroom .. into the airing
cupboard and sit there like a lemon.. hehe.. sorry light
humour.. i grab the old dust sheet that seems to have
always lived in the bottom of said airing cupboard..and
return to the cat fight..

yes they are still at it.. wow.. the cat from 2 houses down
looks up.. he is a genetic freak by the way.. he has thumbs
that stick out at 90 degrees to the rest of his claws..
weird .. i have picked him up before outside and had a
closer look.. he could be a throwback i suppose..anyhow..
he breaks from the fight and looks at me sporting this big
dust sheet and makes a break for it...

i cut him off at the window..

got him .. wow he squeals.. i wrap him as quickly as i can..
and leave him in on bathroom floor.. i head back to my
room.. 9:36 time has almost stood still..

now dont get me wrong i am not a nasty man.. nor evil.. for
i then grabed my keys and took my bundle down to my van..
and drove.. about 1 mile maybe a mile and a half.. found an
industrail estate with houses at the back and let him

i did feel a slight pang of guilt as he limped off.. but i
believe he may well return.. hopefully he will be looked
after by someone between here and there.. to be honest if
lived alone i would like him as my cat..

but i dont ..and we already have a resident cat ..
cardamom.. but i have had enough of these to fighting.. and
the intruder spraying.. so i took the action i deemed

then i went to the doctors.. no appointment.. on the off
chance.. i have a rather bad case of toncillitus.. oh kissing ..maybe a drink or two.. if i cant breath
then call an ambulance.. doctors say the nicest things..

good job i already cancelled christmas..