It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-24 08:01:28 (UTC)

you were only born so you could die

that's an anti-flag song. on thursday, 2 members of anti-
flag are playing at the shelter, they're called "whatever
it takes" just a cheap punk show i wanna go see. i got tix.
don't know who im goin with. im just sorta typing, waitin
for my mind to open and release my emotions so i can
explode onto the keyboard. umm, i went to a "party" at my
friend jill's house. i went with my old buddy marty, he's
giulia's brother. i chilled w/ marty before giulia, but he
smoke a lot of pot now, i don't really like that about him.
we just sat around, like 8 people. played guitar (me, dave
and this cute girl maria) and watched dazed and confused.
then we played this coolass game. i can't remember the
name, but it had 2 questions like, "would you rather have
your laugh sound like a fart OR have your breathe smell
like it?" and you had to decide which one you'd rather
have. it was pretty fun, a lot of crude, disgusting, and
embarassing humour. after that, me and dave went to meijer
and put cheaper price tags on a CD and paid less for it,
and i stole a green day poster. the U-Scan is my new weapon
for getting cheap CD's. im just gonna keep replacing the
tags and gettin for like...50% off. well, looks like i
don't have anything real to say. i gotta get to bed though,
cause i gotta work at 9:30, only until 4 though. merry
christmas everyone, good will toward all. peace.