Diary of an angel
2001-12-24 07:18:02 (UTC)

I dunno i wrote this when i was..

I dunno i wrote this when i was going through my I wanna be
a mother stage

Little one,
so innocent and pure,
welcome to a world
unlike your own. A place
of sadness as well as joy
for you, for everyone.

It is up to you to find your happiness
and to make your place in the world.
Make your life worth every moment, and give to all.
Teach those to learn about their humanity, their love,
the outright goodness they hold.
Despite when they do not believe.

My heart and my light,
i can show you the way,
to be good
to be beautiful,
to love yourself as much as you love others
To respect the past, to understand the future,
to know the simple things.
And the beauty in all.
My love remeber the songs that I sing to you
will be the ones you sing to your own,
with your own powerful voice
that rises above all.

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