Diary of an angel
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2001-12-24 07:07:10 (UTC)


I swear if it wasn't for the need to procreate i would love
to have the male species delpelted from the planet. I
dunno, its strange i kinda would've expected myself to be
the type to enjoy when someone loves me, but i don't. I
almost fear it. It might just be the realization that i'm
getting something for doing what I do for everyone, or
maybe because i actually deserve it, but its strange. I
prefer the lack of emotions that most people usually see me
as having, being the ice princess for all. And getting the
words "i wanna be with you forever" does all it can
possibly do to jar my insides to have a battle with my mind
and my head. Right now my head is winning but its
probably gonna lose soon. My stupid heart actually does
allow itself to be stronger than anything, and it wants me
to reciprocate.. grrr...damn i'm fucked.

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