the blue period

Spanning Time
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2001-12-24 07:01:50 (UTC)

break dance for me

So, here I am again. I ate way too much for dinner. Damn
that's exciting. I bought a Rat pedal the other day. Now
we just need to get a goddamn show so I can use it. Sucks
not playing. Sometimes I think we need some sort of
management. Just someone outgoing who helped us get shows
would work. We're just not of the social type. Oh well.
Not a whole lot going down these days(in case you couldn't
tell). I just wanna play shows. Touring would be nice. I
think we're gonna record something soon. We've got so many
songs, it's a bit outta control. I hope we find a good
studio. Gotta go now. Ciao.

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