Kris L.

Demon Cleaner
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2001-12-24 07:00:27 (UTC)


What I've done, I can't take it back.
I could apologize and couple it with a smile if it would
make you happy.
But then I would be lying to myself.
Who wants a liar?
What happened, happened.
What you see in me now is reflected by that.
What do you want me to do, be forever regretful?
I prefer to be aware of myself, to take a step back every
day and recognize the fault and promise within.
And yes, I do regret what happened.
But I can't take it back, not with all the words in the
I can't take it back, I can't even make it better, but I
can not do it again.
This is something I alone realize.
I could apologize for what I've done.
But I've done that, over and over again.
I'm a man left without any "sorry's" or "forgive me's."
And now I'm screaming out loud to no one.
And I'm bitter, and upset, and wired, but completely
powerless to do anything about it.
Please accept my apology before it echoes back again.

Kris L.
the demon cleaner

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