words better left unsaid
2001-12-24 06:52:15 (UTC)

feelen good :)

Well, I must admit.. bubbles are great! lol! I took a
bubble bath and relaxed. So now im okay and feeling
better. geez, I was not happy earlier. My councelor told
me that would happen though. She told me that it is
something that is not going to go away.. that I could be
sitting in bed one night ten years from now, married with
kids and I could just all a sudden get mad about it. But I
think maybe I am dealing with it a little better then I
was. Man, if I would have started this thing six months ago
I would have talked about cutting my self and getting drunk
and having to smoke constently and worst of all.. loosing
my belief in God. But now i'm doing so much better. geez,
when I think about where I was and where I am now its...
wow.. you know? well, im so sleepy. I think I fell asleep
while writing that! lol! Oh my.. im sleepy. Im going to
write again sometime.. maybe tomorrow.