The mediocrity that is me
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2001-12-24 06:27:23 (UTC)

Boredom fucks with your mind.

Ok, so I saw the movie Ocean 11 the other day, and let me
just tell you, it was absolutely horrible!!!
NOTE TO SELF: Just because a movie has a bunch of big-time
Maybe I just set my sights to high for that movie, but I
was expecting something at least HALFWAY entertaining, but
instead I got two hours of CRAP. My friend actually fell
asleep, that's how bad it was. So just to let you know, if
you are possibly entertaining the idea of seeing this
movie, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Wait for the video. Or better
yet, don't even bother. Apparently, just because you are a
well-known actor/actress, it doesn't mean you are a GOOD
actor/tress. And I honest-to-god thought I'd lose my lunch
(which consisted mostly of Christmas cookies and candy
canes...that'd be a pretty sight) when I saw Julia Roberts
kiss George Cloony. Ya know, maybe it's just me, but
somehow i think if us girls are expected to shave our legs,
then dammit, guys should have to shave their faces. It
seems like a fair trade to me...if you want me to shave my
legs, then you shave your face. I wouldn't want to be
kissing some hairy mess. If i want to floss my teeth, I'll
use dental floss, not facial hair. Or any other hair for
that matter..
Well, now that I've completely gone off on a tangent there.
Basically, the whole point of that was don't waste your
money on Ocean 11. If you wanna see a good-looking guy on
the big screen, go see Vanila Sky. Tom Cruise is sexy as
all hell.

List of things to do with 7.50 (other than see Oceans 11)
(1) Silly Putty. Hours of fun, plus you'd have money left
(2) 30 of those 25 cent things from out in front of grocery
stores...you know what i'm talking about.
(3) A really, REALLY cheap prostitute. (i'm not sure if you
could find one for 7.50, but hey, if you do, more power to
(4) Candy. Lots and lots of candy.
(5) Donate it to charity.
(6) Eat it
(7) Feed it to your dog
(8) Save it for a rainy day.
(9) Burn it (burn baby, burn....)
(10)Another movie. ANY other movie.
(11) Half of a CD (damn those capitalistic record companies
for driving the prices up so fucking high)
(12) A used CD (Zia's kicks ass)
(13) Frame it
(14) Buy a razor and spend the day shaving your legs and
conforming to how society says you should be. Or better
yet, trash all your razors and refuse to shave! Stand up
for yourself! BE AN INDIVIDUAL! (ha, just kidding...i
happen to be a hater of hair..Anyways)
(15) Put it towards alcohol. Beer, vodka, zima, tequila,
everclear, 99 bananas, rum, whatever the hell you want.
Alcohol can really brighten your day.

Fuck, but I am so bored. If anyone wants to add to the
list, go right ahead.