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2001-12-24 05:54:13 (UTC)

tis the season

Dear Diary,

I haven't written in a week, and that is okay cause so much
has gone on. Let's start with the beginning. Monday I had
two tests, envl law and genetics, tuesday was an off study
day and wednesday was the evil day set for my biochem
test! Well the fist two tests went very smoothly, no
probs. I should have been studying like a mad mother on
tuesday for my test at 8:30 the next morning, but no, what
was i doing? I was exhanging Christmas presents with
friends, I got an ornament from Alannah, a hot or not tee
from maureen cause i am addicted to the site!, and Ah Hah's
greatest hits cd from tim. Very cool, then we made candy
cane reindeer with out alicia, sad :-( And then me and
maureen made tee's for the Good Charlotte concert. Hers
said i love benji on the front and screamer on the back,
and mine just said i walked into the wall again on the back
with a star on the front. The letters were such a pain and
they ended up coming off during the concert, oh well!!
They were cool. And then i decided it would be a good idea
to study around 2 in the am. I had been studying all week
long anyway, just needed to refresh. So i went to bed at
4:30 and got up at 10 to 6 to study some more. Took the
test and was the 3rd one to hand it in. Someone pulled the
fire alarm twice during the test, we had to go outside,
stupid ass ppl. But anyways, i couldn't really tell how i
did b/c i was so tired, but i know i didn't do too bad. So
that nite i saw LOTR!! Hell yea I loved that movie!!!
OMG! Elijah and Orlando, holy hotties batman! Oh yea.
NEways, afterwards we dropped maureen off to study and tim
and i went out to eat. Very interesting and strange. It
was fun though. So i get back to the dorm and bring
maureen's present upstairs to open. Turns out tim got her
diamond and sapphire earrings, which must have cost atleast
$300. Maureen broke up with tim 2 years ago, our freshman
year!! He still cares, and he just wanted to get her
something to say thanks for being there. She cried then
told everyone on the face of the planet, i don't blame her
the earrings are gorgeous. So then thursday we took a
train into philly from atlantic city and we sat next to
these two guys. One told us he dated ms. allegany county
1998, it's in western md cause i told him that was where i
was from, and the other is a bartender at a club in north
jersey and he gave us cds from his club. But they told us
their friend left them in AC so they had to get the train
home, but whatever and the bartender, rolled a joint on the
train and went in the bathroom to smoke it! It was the
funniest thing ever. I couldn't believe it. The only
other time i have been around pot was at the dave matthews
concert over the summer, i will never forget the smell. So
that was interesting. Then we finally take a subway that
is near the electric factory and we have to walk through
chinatown. That was cool, then we walked through a small
section of the ghetto and we get the the Efactory and the
line is around the block, we have to go to the front of the
line to get our tickets, that were on will-call and these
girls in high school start yelling "the line is back
there" what assholes, we so were not trying to cut. So we
get our tix and get in the long ass line and wait in the
freezing cold to get in and suddenly maureen and i realize
that everyone is there with parents or getting dropped off
with parents...we were the oldest ppl there, we are both
20, but omg we felt so old!!! It didn't matter cause that
just meant we could boss them around. The Efactory is
small, just a stage and a small mosh area, that's it, very
cool, so while midtown and mest were on we managed to make
our way up to the front, were were not at the very front
when good charlotte came on but we were sooooooo close!!!!
It was so exciting, the best concert ever. So much energy,
the moshing was cool, the crowd surfing was cool, the band
was friggin awesome. Joel looked hott in a wifebeater
showing off his star tattoo, benji was wearing grunge,
Billy was wearing sparkles on his eyes, oh well he's still
my fave. Some one threw a water bottle and hit joel while
he was singing, how rude. Little things was the last song
and they played two new songs for the new album, one was
bloody valentine. A song about how when guys have girl
friends and the girl will only ever want to be friends, and
on top of that she has a bf whom she talks and complains
about constantly and the guys gets so jealous/mad he just
wants to kill the girl's bf. Yea, pretty damn cool. Don't
remember the other song, but it was still awesome. So the
concert kicked major ass. I stepped on and knocked over
and hit so many ppl, but the same was done to me. It was
so crowded and just awesome. I can't wait till they go on
tour for their new album!!!!!! So thursday nite was
awesome, and then friday i went to deleware to visit my ex
that i am now dating to see how things work out, i really
love him and miss him, but i broke up with him before and i
am just afraid it will happen again and i don't want to
hurt him. He doesn't deserve that. He loves me with all
of his heart, and i love him too. It's just hard and weird
and complicated with school and all, but i guess if you
love someone that shouldn't matter, but for some reason it
does to me. So seeing him was very fun and he gave me a
diamond heart necklace for xmas, since he won't be home he
will be working 12 hour shifts all this week for our lovely
air force. It's okay, he will be home for new years and i
will be spending it with him and my sister. That should be
fun!! Saturday I watched my sis's track meet, she did very
well and today we went xmas shopping and watched Miracle on
34th Street(the old one), the best movie ever and put
ornaments on the tree. And tomorrow is church and more fam
activities....But the past week has been very exciting. I
said bye to bindi on thursday cause she is graduating
though i know i will see her agian cause she is my roomie's
best friend. But still i will miss the fact that i can't
see her everyday for dinner!!! Well that is all for now.
Talk later!! I love good charlotte and elijah!!!

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