The Xdruggie Files
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2001-12-24 05:12:41 (UTC)

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Started the day with a morning meeting. Saw some friends M
and 2T (both are soooo cute). Went with my bud (B)ubba and
saw my sponsor. We all had some Greek food after that and
then i saw my x-bf. He was down to see his family. He
looked good; he's lost some weight and def. looks good for
30. God, we are so old now. I remember when i was a
freshman and we met for the first time. Bubba came over and
we watched movies while i did his laundry. I think everyone
thinks i am trying to change him or something, but he is
just very comfortable in his skin and sexuality. Of course
if he does happen to change teams i am soooo there. R got
in and is burning cd's on his imac. He said he had an okay
Chrima. I leave tomorrow after the Lambda meeting. Braving
the night with my parents will be an interesting
experience. I keeeeep forgetting it is so close to Chrima.
That's what happens to you when you are in treatment for
three months.

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