Authority to Pass
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2001-12-24 05:11:01 (UTC)

Boy-Friend....Ya Ri-ght

You know when I tell you I do not want to be involved with
anyone...thats what I ment...Usually someone will tell you
if a girl tells you she doesn't want too be involved with
you or anyone else it means their is someone else....NO
their wrong, If someone tells you they do not want to be
involved with you or anyone else it means get your
unaffectionate inconsiderate inconsistant--untolerable
tight wadded dead head out of my atmosphere land. If a
girl tells you lets see other people it means hey it was
great but my neighbor Ya do you get it okay so it all
rolls together just to let you know when someone tells you
to leave walk and if they tell you to stay ....walk....
damn this bites....Did you ever noticed when you think your
lonely.....its just a reflection of someone else, instead
of dwelling on a feeling reach out and notice whats around
you! Thats hard to do when you have mixed feelings about
more than one aspect your trying to work through...You have
no Idea what I'm talking about and if I gave you details
you would be putrid sick so just believe me when I
say....Don't go looking for love, If you give love..You
will find love looking for you! If you get love you
could give so much more! -----

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