words better left unsaid
2001-12-24 04:47:26 (UTC)


GRRR.. I was just watching TV and something about Jim
Baker came on. ehhhhhhhhhh... this makes me so mad! I
know it was a really long time ago, but geez it just pisses
me off. The whole situation hits too close to home I
guess. I mean hello.. he is a preacher!! Why the crap do
preachers think that they can just do whatever they want??
And why do they think that they have the right to mess up
as other people do? They don't!! I dont even know the
whole story about it because I turned the channel before I
broke our new tv.. lol. I guess its kinda dumb for me to
be mad about it. But it just makes me so mad when preachers
do stuff like that!!! If they are going to have such a
problem keeping it in their pants.. then don't becpme a
dadgum preacher!!!!!! Shesh! Well, Im through ranting
about that.. ill write about my weekend when I am in a
better mood.