Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
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2001-12-24 04:38:18 (UTC)


its weird
lots of people who think they think deep keep logs and show
them to people
show them that theyre different
but in conveying differences, arent they all the same
striving to be unique but in this strife theyre all common
for isnt it in human nature that we want to become unique?
or appear to be
we dont want to conform we dont want to be the same
we want to be ourselves
yet the goths have it wrong
theyre not being themselves: theyre conforming into non
conformists its funny that way
looking from that perspective
but then look at me
i want to be different too
who knows maybe i am
and what is "weird"? who is not "weird"
would it not be weird to be normal?
thats a question ill need more time to think about