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2001-12-24 04:05:03 (UTC)

its the hap happiest time of the year

i feel happy. i dont know why, maybe its the holdays, maybe
its the fact that my firned got me a really nice christmas
prestent(a HUGE poetry book and some book on the sex
pistols)i wouldnt have expected somethign like that from
her either, or maybe its cuz my family is over and there
all being really cool, maybe its cuz i "met" this lady that
understands me. i do not know. maybe its alot of things but
i feel content. happy is a pretty stronf word, content is
better or satisfed. either way, its better than bored,
paranoid, depressed, etc. i been on a role with my poetry
too, that real good. usually i can crank out one good
(mediocre) poem every other day, if that. But ive done
about 3 this weekend. Im not great, but it makes me feel
really great to know i write. It adds a bit of confidence,
which i need more than anyhting. like im smarter than the
people that are mean to me. excellent. AND im going to be a
bridesmaid in my couisns wedding. I never thgouht anybody
would want me to be a bridesmaid. I am the definition of
dumpy. But im flattered. and hey they get to fix me up all
nice and pretty, wont that be a change.

peace love and cheerios

i fel like doing that whole moo music thing, go

music:argy bargy-cock sparrer(happyesque)