2001-12-24 04:02:23 (UTC)

i suck

so because I'm already in such a fucking wonderful mood
today I'm now pissed off again cuz I realize that nothing
works in my fucking life. I can't wrap fucking presents, I
can't get or keep a fucking boyfriend as hard as I try, my
friends shit on me and take off and talk about me behind my
back, tell people bad things about me that aren't true
(possibly related to my not being able to get a boyfriend)
it just doesn't work.
The last boyfrined (only boyfrined) dumped me. He's got
some new chick now, she looks like a man. I'm not like a
supermodel here but at least I don't look like a fucking
man. Why is she so much better than me?? Nobody likes me. I
hate my fucking life.