2001-12-24 03:58:55 (UTC)

given up on wrapping presents

I have stopped wrapping those stupid presents.
I'm in an awful mood. I was perfectly happy when I got home
from shopping until my father decided that he would yell at
me and tell me I wans't allowed to use the car any more cuz
I hadn't cleaned my room yet today. He told me yesterday
that I had to clean my room this weekend. I told him this
morning that I was going to clean my room after going
shopping with my friend, cuz she needed a ride shopping.
And this was OK with him at that time. When I got home from
shopping, approximately 150 seconds passed before he
started yelling at me for not having cleaned my room today.
How could I possibly have fucking cleaned my room when I
woke up, got dressed and left the house (didn't even eat
brekfast) went shopping and then came home for 150 seconds
prior to being yelled at??? I have no idea. It's absolutely
Whatever. I went and started cleaning my fucking room.
However they don't seem to understand that I have more
stuff than I have space to put things. Of course my room is
messy. It's full of Christmas presents that haven't been
wrapped yet! Their room looked the same way until today
when they wrapped all their presents. So I tried to wrap
some of my presents. Since my parents were both wrapping
presents on the kitchen table i brought my boxes down there
and started wrapping since that's where all the tape and
scissors were. But of course, then my dad decides to take
off with the scissors and go wrap presents downstairs... so
that was the end of my wrapping. So i was like, whatever.
Went and sat and watched to practice. He then comes
upstairs and I go and try wrapping again since he's decided
to allow me to share the scissors, but of course, I'm
already pissed right off from being shit on all day so
nothing is fucking working. I give up. I'm not wrapping
presents today.