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2001-04-09 02:07:05 (UTC)

hmmmm bad habits

hmmmm im really pissy right now!!!!! just got done haveig a
convo with my supposed signifigant other about the kids
eating healthy. wich all i got from him was that i was
blameing him for everything or that i why did i make
brownies well hmmmmm to listen to the kids whine until you
gave them there way of course!!!! fuck me if i wanted a
brownie and fuck tellin them no omg that might make them
wine even more.. im fuckin sick of feelin like im givein
110 percent and getting back 50% hahahaha i think not
today ends all that fuckin bullshit for sure. blonde i may
be dumn is what he is if he thinks he can keeps someone of
my nature like that . look at him and look at me oh thats
right you cant .